Surfworx Pro II surf school & Surfworx Banshee Mini Mals differences

All our Softboards are extremely well manufactured and robust!


Key differences –


Surfworx surf school Pro II

-Nose & tail bumpers

-Carry handle

-Duratech slick

-Bolt thru fins


Surfworx Banshee Mini Mal

-More cost friendly

-FCS 1 compatible fin boxes

-More sizes to choose from


Sharing the same proven mini mal template, dimensions & volume the ride characteristics are almost identical at the beginner level of surfing. The main advantage of our Banshee range using FCS 1 compatible fin boxes. This allows the surfer to use aftermarket fins which will enhance the performance of the softboard enabling the surfer to progress & continue to have fun whist surfing a softboard.

Surfworx Pro II Vs Banshee